We Investigate And Treat All Neurosurgical And Spinal Conditions

From the more common problems of back pain and sciatica to complex endoscopic skull base surgery and awake craniotomy for radical resection of low grade glioma, we are able to offer consultation, investigation and treatment of all neurosurgical and spinal conditions.

We are also super-specialised within the group, and depending on the nature of the problem, leave it to us to arrange for you to see the most appropriate specialist for your particular problem. 

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spinal conditions

We can see and treat patients with all spinal conditions including spinal deformity and instability, back pain, sciatica and neck and arm pain. We are also able to treat spinal tumours. For patients in whom surgery is not required, we can organise appropriate pain and rehabilitation therapies.



brain tumours

We have a particular interest in the treatment of brain tumours using a combination of extensive preoperative planning using specialised MRI, and performing 'awake' surgery to allow maximal and safe tumour removal. In addition we have extensive experience of endoscopic (keyhole) surgery for pituitary and skull base tumours


general neurosurgery

We have extensive experience in the management of traumatic brain injury, hydrocephalus, brain haemorrhage and stroke. We all continue to treat patients acutely and are actively involved in our regional Major Trauma centre.