We Fully Understand And Embrace The Need For Patients To Have Second Opinions On Medical Care


Increasingly, patients and relatives are seeking a second opinion from medical specialists before embarking on treatments for potentially complex medical problems

We are very happy to see patients and their families regarding a second opinion, and likewise we understand if patients wish to see other doctors for a second opinion after attending out clinic


Either book a clinic appointment with us, or we can arrange a Skype or teleconference for those not able to make it to the UK

Please make sure you have as many copies of your old letters and scans from previous appointments

If necessary contact your Doctors and request copies, they should be able to provide them

Some scans can be transferred electronically to our radiology server. If you have had scans in the UK, let us know where and we can often request them

Best of all, bring any CDROMs of your scans (with their passwords if they are protected)

If you live abroad then contact us before the appointment as we may need to arrange a secure upload of your scans

Make sure you have an interpreter if needed for any Skype or telephone calls

what to do Next?

£320 for an appointment including a full medical report sent to you and your Doctor

We will ask for payment in advance for second opinions if you are not attending in person, please contact our staff via the website for details of how to pay electronically before your appointment

Charges for second opinions