Treatment Of Spinal Conditions: Our Philosophy


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Minimally Invasive where possible

We use the most modern surgical techniques including tubular retractors, percutaneous screws and we will shortly be adopting endoscopic disc removal surgery at The London Clinic


Back to normal as soon as possible

By using keyhole surgical techniques we aim to have patients back on their feet and back to normal life as soon as possible, in partnership with the rehabilitation facilities at The London Clinic


rapid access clinics

If you are not attending clinic with a recent MRI scan, let us know, and we'll organise a scan to co-incide with your appointment


Seek non-surgical alternatives

Most patients with spinal problems do not need an operation. We'll advise you when there are proven and effective non-surgical treatments available

preserve movement

We have a particular interest in cervical arthroplasty (disc replacement), and teach other surgeons how to perform this surgery. This option is now also available to patients at the London Clinic