We are a group of highly trained Consultant Neurosurgeons Based at the wellington hospital in central London.

We also work at the world famous John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford where we hold honorary posts with Oxford University 


Our Mission

Through team-working, sharing skills, experience and specialist expertise,  to bring our dedication, commitment to excellence and the specialist care and services developed in Oxford, to Central London at the London Clinic

“I attended the neurosurgery department to have ‘awake surgery’ to remove a brain tumour. The care I received was absolutely brilliant’
— Patient undergoing surgery 2015

What We've Achieved

  • We perform the highest number of awake craniotomies for brain tumours in the UK.

  • We have developed new keyhole surgery techniques techniques using endoscopy in the removal of brain tumours

  • We have a large experience of endoscopic surgery for pituitary and skull base tumours with audited good outcome data.

  • We have established a neuro-oncoogy multidisciplinary team incorporating oncologists, radiologists and surgeons

  • We are trained in spinal surgery and manage common spinal problems

  • We offer minimally invasive spinal surgery.

  • We have a specialist interest in cervical disc replacement and cervical spine surgery

  • We are all trained in general neurosurgery and thus treat hydrocephalus, trauma, intracranial hemorrhage and spinal tumours.